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Our club is bilingual!!

Most Toastmaster meetings are either in English or in the local language. There are already 2 German-speaking and 5 English-speaking clubs in and around Vienna.

Our club has chosen a model in which German and English can be used side by side on equal terms. Members should be able to actively speak at least one of these two languages ​​and be able to passively understand a speech in the other language. Educational material provided by Toastmasters International usually is available in both languages.

We chose the model of bilingualism very consciously. We hope for an even more colorful mix of cosmopolitan people from different cultures.

For already advanced Toastmasters who want to know how it works exactly:

  • All roles (and thus all prepared speeches and all table topic speeches) can be held either in German or in English.
  • One exception is the evaluation speeches: A speech given in German is always evaluated in German, and vice versa.
  • The table topics moderator asks each participant if a topic should be in German or English. All questions should always be prepared in both languages.
  • There are 2 grammarians - each for German and for English. It is aimed to fill these roles, whenever possible, with native speakers.
  • An already established bilingual club with the same model: Munich Media Speakers.

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